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The New Testament Assembly – England was founded in the UK in 1961 but has its roots in Jamaica. Its joint founders are the late Bishops M L Powell and D E Bernard.

Soon after its inception, NTA gained respect among the African and Caribbean churches, the historical Churches and statutory and non–statutory Agencies. The NTA is an international organisation with Churches in Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and India. NTA prides itself on its ecumenical involvement with the historic Churches, the Ecumenical Instruments, and its credibility with statutory and non-statutory bodies. We believe in being at the forefront making a difference and paving a path for future generations.

The Headquarters of the NTA is located in Tooting, London SW17 and the correspondence address is 5 Woodstock Avenue, Ealing, London W13 9UQ. NTA gained charitable status in 1972 and became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2005.

NTA is a community orientated Church at the cutting edge with many of its branches working collaboratively with Local Authorities to provide services in the community.

Conscious of the community orientation of the early church and the needs of ageing members, in 1984 NTA became involved in social ministry. Consequently there are several projects including day and residential provisions for the elderly, home care, programmes for persons recovering from mental illness, youth projects, after school clubs and projects for the homeless and those who misuse drugs.

NTA is a member of The Evangelical Alliance, Churches Together in England, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, and The Free Churches Group. Members of the Trustee Board (the Governing Body of NTA) serve on ecumenical and Government committees. NTA has maintained tangible links with other Pentecostal and Charismatic Organisations and the newer Independent Churches and is affiliated with the Association of Christian counsellors. It is our intention to remain at the cutting edge, to make tangible contributions locally, nationally and internationally and to be in a position to promote learning and education knowledge in our communities.

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