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The Institute of Theology & Christian Counselling (ITCC) established in 1979, is an interdenominational evangelical theological college with a strong academic reputation and close working relationships with other academic Institutions.

ITCC exists primarily to provide structured programmes that are designed to meet the theological academic needs of individuals; to inspire, strengthen, and further increase spiritual wisdom, impart biblical knowledge, instil new skills and assist individuals with professional and ministry enrichment and personal development. The Institute keeps abreast with contemporary training methods, materials and developments in the field of education. Lectures are well researched and professionally delivered by highly motivated staff who are competent in their area of specialty. ITCC values a theology of ministry requiring scholarship, critical discernment and dialogical learning thereby enabling students to achieve their personal academic goals and an enhanced covenanted relationship with God.

The Institute has the full support of the NTA National Presiding Bishop The Rt. Revd D A Powell who has this to say of the Institute, “ITCC has a good reputation for delivering high quality training and having worked at University validated levels with two Universities since the 1980’s    is fully cognizant of the standards expected by the Quality Assurance Agency. Individuals   training and personal development needs are central to the programmes ITCC delivers”.

Training and development is at the heart of the NTA strategy. ITCC is central to this process and will positively engage with the Organisation’s leadership team in meeting their objectives. ITCC has established tangible relationship and links with the University of Roehampton and as an Associate Partner will facilitate the admission of students to the Foundation degree programmes and, if desired, students could follow on to the B.Th degree. Access to the D.Th is also available.  Entrance by AP(E)L route is a possibility.

Programmes are specifically aimed at the integration of knowledge, understanding, skills and experience and are delivered by a professional team who offer a combination of academic excellence with a broad range of life, work and ministry experience and are recruited for their expertise in specific subject areas. The ITCC is committed to promoting “Excellence in Ministry” and aims to provide a progressive, dynamic, innovative teaching environment that enhances learning and personal development.


ITCC seeks to provide sound academic programmes to enable participants to undertake theological and practical training as a means of acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills towards achieving their academic, ministry and personal development.


ITCC is commissioned by the Board of Trustees of NTA and the Bishop Executive Council to provide sound educational programmes to enhance the spiritual and personal development of individuals; the end result being personal ministry enrichment to fulfil the Great Commission.

Core Values

These core values undergird the programmes:

  • The Bible is the authoritative Word of God; therefore all programmes will be biblically based, Christ-centred and aimed at the spiritual maturing of those who engage with the programmes;
  • Partnership with Academic and other training institutions and collaborative approaches to education with other churches to enhance and compliment the provisions of ITCC;
  • Commitment to personal and spiritual formation of the whole person in the image of God in Christ-like character, piety, integrity and grace;
  • Assisting individuals in identifying and developing their ministry calling and passion;
  • Lifelong (on-going) learning for Pastors and church leaders;
  • Equipping Pastors for their work of ministry – working out of the Five-fold ministry;
  • Working ecumenically with other Churches and in particular Black Majority Churches – responding effectively to diversity and the needs of churches and individuals;
  • Promoting Lay ministry development – every Christian divinely placed and endowed with a talent/gift;
  • Making courses accessible to all peoples;
  • Valuing each individual;
  • Close alignment with the doctrine of the parent body.

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